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The Team

Mr. Globus brings 20 years of experience in strategic, analytical thinking combined with proven expertise and leadership in hands-on money management.

Case Study #1:

Background: Company revenue decreased without adjusting the operation expense

Company size: ~100 employees

Industry: Technology

Challenge: Reduction operation expenses without effecting sales

Delivered Solution: Which included real-estate size and location alignment, improve HR plan, more efficient telecommunication solution development, and reduce unnecessary services.

Results: $1.25M in annual savings.


Case Study #2:

Background: Year over year net loss due to an increase in competition, down term Real Estate market and lack of agility ay the management level.

Company size: ~ 100 employees

Industry: Financial services

Challenges: Reduction operational expenses without eliminating growth.

Delivered Solution: Analyzed company’s run rate, provided fully executable cost optimization plan which included; real-estate options, office operation efficiencies, IT services optimization; vendor’s refresh, and process automation.

Results: Annual saving - $3.15M.


Case Study #3:

Background:  High utility cost is suspected as one of the reasons for low return on investment.

Company size: ~ $1.5M annual revenue

Industry: real estate

Challenges: Reduction operational expenses without scarifying services to tenants.

Delivered Solution: analyzed Company’s utility costs and usage, provided fully executable cost optimization plan which included; Utility vendors refresh, installation of high efficiency Light fixture, light and HVAC policy changes, implemented of advanced thermo solutions.

Results: Annual saving - $70 Thousand.  


Case Study #4:

Background:  Potential Cost Savings Analysis of New Services for Residential, Business and Wireless Customers

Company size: >1,000 employees

Industry: Telecom (National Tier 1 Service Provider)

Challenges: Client was looking to present a strategic plan with business case to senior leadership team for introducing common, integrated, network services architecture, into their existing network to support residential, business, and wireless customers. In an effort to strengthen their existing business case, the client was looking for additional cost savings avenues that could be achieved by adopting this new infrastructure.

Delivered Solution: Four areas were identified that would require in-depth analysis to determine the level of cost savings:
Incremental costs that need to be accounted to enhance the network availability. Cost savings that could be achieved with the adoption of IPv6 protocol. Cost savings that could be achieved by using the SIP trunks with peering partners to replace existing TDM trunks with various partners (e.g., LD, Wireless, and LECs). Level of power and space savings that could be achieved with the new architectural components

Results: The client’s current network availability measured at 99.997%, which satisfied the current SLA
IPv6 cost advantages will not be attained until after the migration of the existing network to new architecture is completed.
Potential yearly cost savings of $1.85M can be achieved by replacing the TDM trunks only with Long Distance (LD) partners via SIP peering.
Power savings of $2M per annum can be achieved with the new infrastructure. In addition, cost savings of $23M can be benefited via space savings.