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Our Partners earned their experience saving money for companies in the Technology, Finance, Legal, and Real Estate services firms.

We concentrate on the following items, which in most cases are the main “business costs” in a thriving company.

The advantages of working with 2Y4Consulting architecture team:

There are many consulting firms out there, most of them choose to focus on one or two areas, such as energy conservation, company restructuring or telecommunications and IT optimizations. Many of the small and medium sized companies cannot pinpoint the area in which they can be more efficient. Other companies are too small to provide enough “meat” for the big consulting groups.

At 2Y4Consulting we look at all aspects of expenses and rarely recommend eliminating positions as the solution for economic hard times.

2Y4Consulting is managed very efficiently, thus you will pay for the time we work for you, not for the overhead costs. We will work for you, allowing you to keep focusing on your core business. 

We are offering:
A dedicated and responsive team that will demonstrate immediate results.

We will analyze and evaluate your:
Key cost elements
Existing contracts and service agreements
Outstanding Letter of Credits
Billing cycles (AR and AP positions) in comparison to the
industry standards